If you don't want anyone telling you what to do, you can throw your own show at NAGOYA TAURUS!
By choosing NAGOYA TAURUS, you can throw your own event and we will help you plan it.

The Hall Rental Plan includes musical and amplification equipment, a lighting engineer, a sound engineer, a receptionist, a dressing room, 1 DVD recording, and 60 tickets,

1. Gather the bands

If the number of bands increases, the cost can be shared by everyone.

2. Book the date

Check our CALENDAR for an available date and time. Time slots with no reservation are available for rental. Sometimes, time slots that have been reserved are also available due to cancellations. Please contact NAGOYA TAURUS for current availability.

When the time slot of your request is not available, you can register for the AVAILABILITY NOTIFICATION EMAIL SERVICE and, if the reservation is cancelled, you will be notified immediately.

Please check the PLANS AND RATES and AUTO QUOTATION to confirm the total cost.

When booking the event, refer to the SAMPLE TIME SCHEDULE for an example of the event plan.


RESERVATION form and send it. Before you move to the mail form, notes on application for TAURUS will be displayed. The organizer of the event has to agree with the notes and is asked to communicate them to the performers.
Please note that we can not accept the reservation by telephone.

4. Decide the ticket plice and Sending the Detailed Information

By one month prior to the event Please submit the DETAILED INFORMATION Form Please give us detailed information with the DETAILED INFORMATION form on the bottom left corner of the website by one month prior to the live event. After receiving the notice, TAURUS will start the preparation for the live event including staff assignment, printing of tickets, and posting on the online schedule table. Without the information, we may not be able to provide sufficient service and a problem may occur in the management of the live event due to lack of preparedness.

5. Checking the ticket data.

You will receive the ticket print data by email within the few days. Confirm the data and order.

6. Sell the ticket

Within one week, you will receive the tickets. Sell the ticket by yourself. All money from the tickets you sell is your profit.
We also can sale the advance tickets on your behalf ( we will receive 10% of the price of the tickets reserved via TAURUS as a commission )
If you have a poster or flier, we can put up them.

7. Holding the show

At the reserved time for carrying-in, the event producers and performers can enter the venue. Entry is not allowed before the carrying-in time. Please enter information including the equipment to be used in the setting form, and submit the form. Setting of the PA system will be based on the information. Time and trouble can be saved if you download and fill out the form from our download site in advance and bring it with you on the day. The direction of the event on the day is basically left to the producer. TAURUS staff will not able to answer to questions on the event such as the remaining time for rehearsal.

About "on-hold tickets":
If you have advance tickets that have not been sold but put on hold, we offer a service to sell the tickets to the visitors at the reception by TAURUS staff on your behalf. You receive a form from TAURUS staff to enter the list of on-hold ticket buyers for each of the bands, and enter the name of the buyers, number of the tickets, and value of payment by the buyers. Time and trouble can be saved if you download from our download site and fill out the form in advance and bring it with you on the day. When the name of the visitor is on the list, we will sell the ticket to the visitor as a guest of the band and deposit the ticket sales at the reception of TAURUS. In case that the name is not on the list, we will ask the visitor to buy an at-door ticket and give the sales to the event producer in a lump sum. The sales of the received tickets will be counted for each band and given to the event producer. *The buyers must be notified of the band name. Please enter the correct names/nicknames in the form. If there are buyers with a same name on the lists for different bands, we will not know from which band the ticket was bought and may count the sales for a wrong band.

8. Settlement (on the day of the event)

After the live event, the organizer will settle the accounts with TAURUS. However, if it takes too much time for the carrying-out and there is a possibility of passing the reserved time, the settlement will be done after the completion of carrying-out. Please note that extra fee will be charged if the withdrawal is completed after the reserved time.