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* The entire sales of the charge will be given to organizer.


If you select "OK", tickets holders can re-enter multiple times

* About drinks, please refer to PLANS and RATE
* It is strictly prohibited from bringing in beverage to the seats after the opening except Under age special plan.
Performers are allowed to drink beverage backstage. Food can be brought in.
* If you serect "Free drinks", outside drinks are also Ok.

Permission to bring foods to auditorium:

If you don't want to audience to have foods during the show, please select "No foods allowed".

Floor plan :

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* From 2020, you can not chose "smoking".

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If nine bands or more will participate, please mention it in the comment field.

Timetable >> please reffer to How to fill in the timetable and make a plan

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Sales of the advance tickets on your behalf :
(If "Yes", we will receive 10% of the price of the tickets reserved via TAURUS as a commission.)
Request TAURUS to consign to the ticket agency"e+" :
*If you request TAURUS to consign to the ticket agency、please pay the ticket agency's initial registration expense 5400 yen
and TAURUS commission fees 5600 yen.
After the ticket agency transfer the sales of tickets, TAURUS will pay it to you.

Recording on DVD :
Additional dubbing of DVD : (to be delivered at a later date, including shipping cost)
High-Definition Video Recording:
* We will format your SD/SDHC/SDXC card. Please bring your empty card.
* Except SD/SDHC/SDXC, it need long time to copy. Then we may send by mail.

Keyboards rental : ( 0 yen )

Wireless system rental
- Handheld type :
- Lavalier type :
* If you use lavalier type, you can not use three or more handheld type microphones.