Start of carrying-in
Completion of the withdrawal

We will sell drinks to visitors. Choose any of the following sales methods.

* About underage special plan, check theUnder age special plan
* If you chose "One drink included", please pay the amount equal to 500 yen multiplied by the number of visitors at the time of settlement.
* If you chose "No drink", if the order is less than 50, please pay the shortfall x 300 yen

Number of the tickets to be printed >> Ticket sample image
(It takes about a week to print and deliver the tickets to you)
Numbering option,,, Printing serial numbers on tickets.

Sales of the advance tickets on your behalf :
(If "Yes", we will receive 10% of the price of the tickets reserved via TAURUS as a commission.)

Recording on DVD :
Additional dubbing of DVD : (to be delivered at a later date, including shipping cost)
High-Definition Video RecordingF

Wireless microphone system rental (Wired microphone is free)
- Handheld type :
- Lavalier type :
* If you use lavalier type, you can not use three or more handheld type microphones.