Terms and Conditions for Use (Rental for rehearsal)

Before you apply for the use of TAURUS, please read and agree to the following terms and conditions before making reservation. The event producer is asked to make sure that the performers are informed of these terms and conditions.

(Prohibited acts)
* The use of products causing fire is prohibited, including pyrotechnics, firecrackers, and smoke pots. If such a product is used, the rehearsal will be terminated immediately. The fire alarm is very sensitive to smoke. In case that the fire alarm is set off due to the use of a product causing fire, the alarm system in the whole building will be activated, and all persons in the building including those in other rooms have to be evacuated. In such a case, all of the business damage to other tenants will be charged to you.

* It is prohibited from bringing in Alcohol to the hall. Although performers are allowed to bringing in the soft drinks and foods. Our bar is open.

* No smoking is allowed in the elevator, elevator lobby, or the area around the PA booth. Please note in particular that the use of products causing fire is strictly prohibited on the emergency stairs and fire ladder.

*The space on the first floor of the building is not owned by TAURUS. No sales activities, smoking, practice of performance, or food/drink is allowed on the first floor because such an act will cause massive damage to neighbors.

* In case of deliberate damage to equipment, you must make compensatory payment for it as a basic rule.

(Copyright, etc.)
* We have a license agreement with JASRAC. As TAURUS pays copyright royalties in a lump sum, the organizer or performer does not have to apply for the use of copyright or pay the royalties. Please make sure that duplicate payment is not made.

(Cancellation policy)
* In case of cancellation of the rental,
no fee will be charged for cancellations made at least 7 days prior to the reserved date;
100% of the price will be charged for cancellations made within less than 6 days prior to the date.
* Please use CANCELLATION form to cancell.

(Privacy policy)
* The personal information that we have obtained from the customers will be used only for communications with them.

* Personal information will not be disclosed or supplied to a third party other than subcontractors without consent of the individual. However, if the disclosure is required by law or by public agencies such as courts and police, personal information may be disclosed/supplied without consent of the individual.


* TAURUS is not liable for any damage due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, war, riot, and any other causes outside the control of TAURUS.

* TAURUS assumes no responsibility whatsoever for theft in the premises.

Other precautions:

Performance is allowed from 10:00 to 23:00. Please note that no performance is allowed after the time.

Never drink drive because it is prohibited by law and ruins the life of others and yourself.

Drinking and smoking by minors are strictly prohibited by law.

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