Example of the time schedule:

16:00 Start of carrying-in

Setting, Sound check and rehersal.
16:20-16:40 Artist 3
16:50-17:10 Artist 2
17:20-17:40 Artist 1
17:40 Preparation for the opening doors

18:00 Opening doors

Start of the performance
18:30-19:00 Artist 1
19:10-19:40 Artist 2
19:50-20:20 Artist 3

20:20 Clearance
21:00 Completion of the withdrawal

* Performance is allowed until 23:00. Please note that no performance is allowed after the time.
* Please take into consideration that it takes around 10 minutes to exchange the bands during both rehearsal and performance.
* Please consider that it takes at least 30 minutes for clearance/carrying-out.
* Please ensure that there is enough time before the opening doors because it sometimes takes too much time to clear instruments and other luggage after rehearsal or the rehearsal takes longer time than planned.
* If there is a possibility that the start of the performance may be delayed due to poor turnout of audience, please take longer time between the end of performance and withdrawal.
* Please note that extra fee will be charged automatically for the completion of the withdrawal after the reserved time even if the overtime is very short.